March 07, 2012

5 Random Things About Me

A writer friend of mine recently posted a blog called  Five Random Things About Me You Didn't Know Before and I thought, well hell, I can do that.
  1. I have a few tattoos. My favourite is of a phoenix in flight on my lower back. I know this is the hag-tag/bitch-badge spot for tattoos, but I didn’t know that when I got it, and I still love it. Actually, I think I’ll expand on it, make its wings soar all the way up my back, maybe fighting with a tiger or a dragon between my shoulder blades…hmn, LOVE that...
  2. I have a potty mouth. My favourite curse word being the "f" word, because seriously, it says SO MUCH that no other word can say. It’s really problematic for me because I also have a BoyChild. Most of the time I can control myself, except when I’m driving…
  3. I HATE cooking – In this culture of pseudo-foodies I try to keep it under wraps, but I REALLY hate cooking. Don’t email me your latest recipe or talk to me about the best EVOO on the local market. I have no interest in learning how to ‘de-glaze’ my frying pan. In fact, it goes even further, here’s the scary truth: I hate eating. I know; crazy, right? But true. If I could get away with it, I would totally cut eating out of my daily routine. About 10 years ago I heard a rumour that the military was developing a vitamin patch that would give soldiers all the nutrients they need to survive without food. I’m hoping this will eventually hit the mainstream market, because I am ALL OVER that! Don’t get me wrong, there are foods that I like, but not enough to keep me on board if there was a way off.
  4. My first crush was on Ethan Hawke after I saw Dead Poet's Society and White Fang. It was further advanced after watching  Reality Bites but pretty much killed stone dead after Before Sunrise. He’s still cute, just way too skinny.
  5. I’m really good at doing all the things I dislike, and really bad at doing all the things that I enjoy. For instance, I hate cooking but I’m actually pretty good at it. I hate bookkeeping, but I’m good at that too, same with filing, telephone message making and party planning. I love singing, but I’m seriously BAD at it, same with painting, drawing, photography and tennis. It’s enormously frustrating!
 Play along! Tell me something random about you.


  1. I did not know that you hate eating. That's quite disturbing for me. But, since you're good at cooking, you can come over, grumble about it, and cook for me while I *enjoy* stuffing my face.

    Also, I didn't know you were bad at singing. However, I think you should audition for American Idol so I can *enjoy* your singing, too. Deal?

    1. I'll so make you some of my killer carrot pancakes when I come over in a couple weeks! NOT singing for you or anyone.

  2. Hello:)
    I'd like to get a tatoo some day, I hear that once you get one you want one, is it really addictive?

    1. It's totally addictive, I have 3 tattoos, and I wasn't kidding in my post when I mentioned wanting to expand the little phoenix on my back to cover my whole spine...!!


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