A BIRD'S EYE VIEW is my first novel. It's an historical fantasy set in a fictional archipelago called The Dakina Islands. It's about a girl who has trained her whole life, under the last Keeper of the Lore, to find a way to open the door to the Spiritworld. When she sets off into the mystical Deep Woods, she is visited by a spirit that burdens her with a terrible task, one that she cannot accept. She runs away. And sets in motion a series of events that irrevocably changes the lives of everyone she has ever known. 

As Anjii flounders in a world she's only ever read about, she battles against the darkness and violence of human nature, making friends and enemies along the way. All the while struggling to come to terms with the fact that in order to set things right, in order to open the door and awaken the spirits of the people, she may have to perform the task that set her running in the first place. She may have to commit an unspeakable evil; to free herself, those she loves, and possibly, the world.

A Bird's Eye View has a long and deep backstory full of myths and legends. Click here if you're interested in reading an excerpt of the Lore.

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