This is just where I drop a line or two from my writing. I often post these on facebook as: Favourite Lines I Wrote Today or blog them with Weekend Writing Warriors:

WeWriWa: Jul.14, 2013
There is only one person in all the world that knows of the Little Fox, and he has not yet been born. She sleeps in her den in the forest that has never been seen.She waits for him to come.She waits and dreads, as all sentinels do.His awakening will bring with it the Great Change.The Great Change will bring with it, She-Who-Left.When She-Who-Left returns, the world will burn.

WeWriWa: Feb.10, 2013
One day the earth trembled with a mighty roaring from the beach. A bear swam out of the sea and stood bellowing on the shore. The people were afraid, the bear was fierce. The gods were afraid, where had he come from? Taijala, Sahlaana’s only daughter, decided to speak with the bear. The bear was sad and angry because he had lost his mate, and he’d swum for many fathoms across the Endless Sea looking for her. Taijala wanted to comfort the bear and lay with him. Much appeased, the bear returned to his search.

Nov.15, 2012:
His words rolled over his lips like boulders over a cliff.

Sep.10, 2012: 
"What do you mean we don't have time for this? If I'm going to die tomorrow, I'd rather do it having loved you today!" - Graham

Jul.18, 2012:
"It's like telling a pebble it's a diamond, and then expecting it to shine." - Anjii

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