A. J. Bradley is a writer of historical fantasy and occasionally dabbles in poetry. She loves all things magical and is inspired by myths and legends from around the world. 

A. J. is currently working on her first novel, A Bird's Eye View, which is the first installment in a trilogy called The Awakening. She is a new member at BookCountry and works as a beta reader for two other writers.

A. J. is also an accomplished traveller, having set foot on four of the seven continents. As a result of her travels she has developed a deeper fascination for human nature, and hopefully, a more generous and forgiving attitude toward her fellow humans-being.

A. J. lives in White Rock, BC, Canada with her BoyChild and has a debilitating addiction to coffee for which her dentist is very grateful.She learned how to drive stick-shift in 2010 and now loves it, because it makes her feel like a race car driver.

Find examples of A. J.'s writing at Wattpad

To contact A. J. email her at globetrotterwannabe [at] yahoo [dot] com

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