March 03, 2014

When All Else Fails...Study

I've been making good progress on my WIP drafting by hand (who'd have thought!?) and using the computer for outlining and note-keeping only.

"Writing" by J. Paxon Reyes

But here I am - stalled. Again. I just don't feel like writing the next chapter. 

I have it all planned out, so...what's the problem? Am I burned out (ha!), blocked, bored? Wait, is this next chapter boring? If so, why write it, because if it's too boring to write, it will be way too boring to read, right? Or am I just making excuses to skip it? Do these scenes need to happen? I think so; skipping it feels wrong. Or am I just being stubborn and sticking to my outline with an OCD inspired reflex? DO I need to write it?

I don't know. I'm stumped. Gah! Welcome to the inside of my brain, friends.

Momentum: gone. Thinking about my WIP makes me want to take a nap.

So, I've decided to study pacing and plot progression by doing a chapter-by-chapter analysis of a book I really enjoyed reading (Blood Red Road) and comparing it against my outline. I know some of you (all you, admit it) are thinking avoidance tactic! and perhaps you're right. But if I'm not writing, I want to at least be thinking of writing and trying to find ways out of this lull. 

So there.

I mean, really, what else can I do? Any ideas? Do you wanna read my outline and tell me whether or not I need to write this next chapter?

I didn't think so. 

I'll let you know if this helps me work it out. ;)

PS: What do you do when/if you aren't sure if what you're writing needs to be there, or is it just a block?....jeez...


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