November 01, 2013

Off to NaNoLand

So, I'm even more off the grid now than I have been for last several months. This time, though, it's not due to a trip abroad, it's a totally different kind of trip: I'm off to NaNoLand (National Novel Writing Month). Though, this year is rather different from last year. This year, I'm a 'NaNoRebel'. Meaning, that I won't be following the rules of NaNoWriMo. Instread of writing 50,000 words on an unprepared manuscript, my goal is to write 25k-30k words to finish off the manuscript I'm already working on: A BIRD'S EYE VIEW. So, instead of averaging 1,666 words per day, my goal is closer to 800-1,000 words per day. 

As soon as I can get it working, I'll put a word-count widget here on the blog, so you can track my progress (keep me in line!). Thank you for your understanding while I try everything I can think of to get myself to finish this damn WIP!

Off I go!


  1. Hi A. J. I just discovered your blog through the Writers' Unboxed Facebook group. Just wondering how you got on with NaNoWriMo?

    1. Thank you for popping in and checking out my blog, Sophie! NaNoWriMo was a bust for me this year. I got caught up in an epic coffee-table book project that took more months to complete than I'd anticipated. I thought NaNo would be easy after my success last year; oh, hubris. Sigh...guess I'll just have to slog through my WIP without NaNo to egg me on. Again, thanks for stopping by and checking in on me! :)


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