February 18, 2012

Twitter, I'm here!

I've been deeply resistant to using Twitter. First of all, to be embarrassingly honest, I'm not all that social of a person and the idea of maintaining such a social site exhausts me (I'm also easily exhausted!). Second, my inner demon is rather convincing when it tells me I have nothing interesting to 'tweet' (is that the right usage?). That being said, I am forced to acknowledge that Twitter is a valuable tool for networking and that if I'm serious about being an author, Twitter can only help me accomplish that goal. Sigh. So, Twitter, here I am! Follow me! ;)

The whole issue illuminates an interesting duality to writing. In my mind, writing is an art. Marketing/networking is a business. I am no business mogul. However, to be a writer, I must become one. It's an old-world (extinct) sensibility crashing into a modern world reality. It becomes very clear that one's success lies with oneself. This is both empowering and terrifying. Hmph, time to grow up, eh? 


  1. You know, I remember when I was in university, (circa 1994 -OMG!!!!), I actually asked one of my profs if I could hand-write my assignment instead of typing/printing on the PC. She told me to "get with the 20th century". I tend to use email and facebook a lot now... prefer it to the phone actually.... but Twitter? Twitter is one thing I have yet to do.... good on ya!

    1. I'm so glad you said that, I prefer email to the phone too, lol!!

      We'll see how this Twitter thing goes, it's really out of my comfort zone, but here's to widening the zone, eh?!

      Thanks for your comments St.John's Mom!!

  2. You'll learn to love it, honey. Just like me. And let's be honest, my tweets are not exciting. However, my tweeps are cute and funny. It won't be long till you've built up a following and find you actually *gasp* like your tweeps :)


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