February 24, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors: Feb.24, 2013

It's Weekend Writing Warriors (8 Sentence Sunday) again, woot!

If you would like to join the fun here are the rules. And don't forget to visit the WeWriWa website to read excerpts from the other writers, you won't regret it!

Thanks again to all the warriors that read and commented last week, it's SO appreciated!

Last week's 8 was essentially the Genesis for my story world, with Sahlaana the Creator feeling lonely and giving birth to a brood of gods, three boys and a girl. Here is the next step in the creation myth of the Dakina Islands.

Sahlaana's children were bored on Awaya’s bare earth. 
Tiga, ruler of earth and Guardian of the Body, filled the land with forests and fields. 
Tanga, ruler of water and Guardian of the Mind, dug deep lakes and rivers. 
Tana, ruler of fire and Guardian of the Heart, made creatures that live and die. 
Taijala, ruler of air and Guardian of the Spirit, wove a great net to connect all these things together. 
Awaya’s earth was filled with sound and blood. 
Sahlaana’s children were happy. 

Tune in next week to find out what these crazy kids do next. ;)
And don't forget to check out the WeWriWa site to read more great excerpts!

PS: Dear Warriors, I will be away all of Sunday, but I promise to read your excerpts on Monday!


  1. Love creation myths! Can't wait to see what develops.

  2. This is a wonderful creation myth. I'm enjoying the story.

  3. I like the concept of the great net - as Elaine says, terrific creation myth! Another excellent excerpt!

  4. One can get lost in this world. Very intriguing!

  5. The great net is very intriguing. I like the concept of one of the gods binding everything together.

  6. Your concept is fantastic and your snippet is intriguing.

  7. Great masterworks of creativity and genius can spring from the bored mind. I'm loving this myth.

  8. I like the way you not only created the characters and their world but also your own myth. Very Clever.

  9. Thank you everybody for these amazing comments, they keep me writing!! THANK YOU! xoxo


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